Monday, January 25, 2010

Baking week 1

The first week in baking was a good one but very tough. We had a lot to make in a short amount of time and did a good job overall. We made Peanut Butter Cookies, Chocolate Jumble Cookies, Blueberry Muffins, and soft yeast rolls. We learned three different methods of baking; muffin method, straight dough method and creaming method. You would only make bread using the straight dough method; like the yeast rolls. As for the muffin method we used it to make the blueberry muffins and the creaming method was used to make the cookies.

Our Blueberry muffins turned out great and there was no tunneling. Which is caused by over mixing the muffin mix. You combine the dry ingredients (including the fruit) and the wet ingredients separate. Then you combine the two mixes together loosely and scoop into greased muffin tins.

As for our cookies we needed some work. One of them was dry and the other was too cakey. The creaming method consists of creaming the butter and sugar with a paddle in the mixer until creamy. Then you mix in the other ingredients being careful not too over work the batter.

Our Yeast rolls were much so that chef wanted to use them for the restaurant. Our grade that evening was a flying success and we were the first team finished. If only we can do this every night.

Below are our photos from week one...hopefully we can duplicate our success; with the use of the four flours...cake, pastry, all purpose & bread.

These photos are from baking week 1

Peanut butter cookies

Soft Yeast Rolls

Blueberry Muffins

Chocolate Jumble Cookies

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