Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week Two Brazil

I was sick most of the week leading up to class; so I dragged into this one. Unfortunately I didn't take on the tough dishes like I usually try to achieve. This time I made coconut rice and Brazilian cheese rolls.
This night was crazy; we started out great and were on our way to the finish line to finish on time. However we hit some snags and the African influenced dishes began to take longer than expected.
We made a crab cake, chicken in nut and dried shrimp sauce, shrimp with yucca sauce, rice flour pudding, coconut rice and yucca starch cheese bread.

Mike made the crab cake and it was made perfectly...I made the relish to go with it and small diced the red pepper, green pepper, serrano pepper and used lemon/lime juice. Chef thought overall most of our food was done great.
The chicken in nut/dried shrimp sauce was good and a main ingredient is dende oil (palm oil). This dish was a process and was done by Henry. A lot of the dishes we made this evening all had some coconut in them. This dish had coconut milk and was colored with turmeric.

The coconut rice was very easy, but I forgot to add more salt to the water before I cooked the rice. If this happens again chef said to dissolve some salt into a little water and incorporate it into the finished rice. My cheese balls needed to be cooked longer; but I thought they would've dried out. The whole thing started because the recipe is flawed. You can not weigh out dry ingredients using volume measurements; and the recipe asked for 2 cups of yucca flour. It should've pinpointed the measurement in weight. Which then caused my dough to be to dry. This process delayed us throughout the night and I had to go to the baking room to use the mixer.

Maria's shrimp in yucca sauce was looking as if it may take a wrong turn with using too much yucca, but chef loved it! Overall the evening was a success and I wish I wasn't a drag this week due to being sick...oh well there's always next week.


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