Thursday, September 3, 2009


You know you've done a great job as an artist/cook/chef; when your 21 month old daughter loves to eat your food!

I have to say she is by far my toughest critic and the one I aim to please (other than Christina) in the palette.

I remember when I was really little tasting some pretty yummy stuff and some gnarly things too...Dad's Korean celery soup of some sort...and it reminds me that we create our palettes at a very young age. I thank them for all the things I was given to eat growing up; because I wouldn't have the palette I have now if it wasn't for the celery soups :) have to make celery soups in order to get better. I know I mentioned the soup dad made...but I will say this he definitely taught me how to learn from you mistakes. After that day he has made some pretty incredible dishes...making up for the celery soup.....................

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