Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Perfect Magarita

This is in response to a lot of you who either ask me for my Margarita recipe; and because Glen made a good point about accompanying my risotto and marg grilled shrimp...

Ok here we go...!

Get out a shaker, ice, glassware (margarita glass, tumbler,, orange juice, limeade (preferrably frozen), tequila, triple sec, gran marnier (or gran gala, cointreau, etc...), limes, strainer...salt optional!

Make Margarita mix...
Can of Limeade
1 cup of orange juice (pulp or no pulp if you don't have a strainer)
3 cups of water
3 to 4 fresh limes cut/squeezed
STIR and chill if not using right away...

Per Glass:
(In a shaker)
1.25 oz tequila (gold tequila is the best...any good gold tequila)
.25 oz triple sec
.50 oz cointreau, gran marnier or gran gala
3.5 oz margarita mix

SHAKE Vigurously with ice in shaker...strain over ice in your glass of with lime wedge or wheel...BEFORE you pour in the ice and strain the drink...make sure you salt the rim if you so desire...!!!

MMMMMMMmmmmm...I want one now!

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