Thursday, August 27, 2009

Under $10 Wine

There are a lot of people whom are intimidated by wine; or someone introduced them to what was supposed to be an incredible RED! The red they introduced them too was dry, highly acidic and also $80...WOW! Then you wonder to yourself why you drank and $80 bottle of wine and it tasted like wet dust. Although many things could have happened to that wine; for instance improper storage over time or temperature. However; you can drink a Red without wanting to hurl...just look for reds under $10...YES under $10! I have the luxury of having Publix nearby every corner of my neighborhood; and they always have amazing deals on wine. In fact you can check out their wine guide/discounts etc... this is their link.

I myself like mellow reds with full red in particular that can be found at a great price is Smoking Loon Pinot Noir. It's currently $7.49 at Publix...
In fact you are supposed to chill your reds...not at the same temperature as whites but the storing wine standard is 55 degrees F.
The whole idea is you must be able to feel the wine in the back of your palette while your nose envelopes the bouquet of the wine. It should make you smile!
If Red is not your thing a good thing to do is to try them out little by little...the mellow reds will garnish your attention first and maybe just maybe you will get up too that Full Body Cabernet.
Wines from the "new world"; such as South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, California, Chile, Argentina, Portugal, Spain...are all very GOOD!!!! And they are usually at a very low price right now. They want you to try something different and get hooked.
The best place to do your taste testing as at a Wine bar/store where you can try flights OR at a carousel style wine taster. They give you a glass and you fill up your taster card with cash...then you go to these carousels with many different wines from all over the world. Put in your card and select the wine you want to taste, Viola!

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