Monday, March 15, 2010

Baking week 9

This week in baking we made Challah Bread, peanut butter cookies, and cinnamon rolls...

We used the straight dough method for the challah, a series of creaming and straight dough with the cinnamon rolls, and of course the creaming method with the peanut butter cookies. Our peanut butter cookies had great flavor, size, color and texture. Our Challah needed to be a little shorter, but overall the color, taste, texture and braiding were all good. Our cinnamon rolls were a good size and the flavor was great. However I had to add a little flour to the dough when rolling out because it was a little too wet. It was a good night for us and we finished pretty quickly.

I noticed a lot of teams were busy spending a lot of time fermenting their doughs and not starting on the next project. Next week I expect us to be one of the first groups to finish and have all of our products ready to go by 9pm. We made a good team this semester in baking; and I look forward to the second round of baking pastry in a couple of semesters from now. Please take a look at the pictures below and I hope you all like what we made. I am excited to make the cinnamon rolls one of these mornings... :)

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