Monday, March 1, 2010

Morning Glory Muffins, Multigrain Bread, etc...

This week in Baking we made the following...morning glory muffins, multi-grain rolls, almond pound cake, raisin scones and apple pie.

We worked really fast and efficiently this week; we got started with making the scone batter/dough and the multi-grain sponge dough. The scones are made using the biscuit method and is in fact rolled/folded the same way. After making the dough you place it in some plastic wrap and chill in order to cut easily. The multi-grain bread is a process but worth must first make the sponge dough before going further. With the yeast and water, mix in 1/3 of the flour and ferment until doubled in size. After fermenting combine all of the remaining ingredients, bulgar wheat, oats, wheat flour, the sponge dough, molasses, honey, salt, etc. Canola oil is used instead of butter and everything is mixed in together as the straight dough method. You ferment this dough until doubled in size and then roll into shapes. After the shapes are made then you place the dough back in to proof and double in size. Egg wash the rolls and top with sesame seeds then bake until golden brown. Chef said our rolls were perfect...great color, taste, texture and moisture. In fact they were confiscated for the

Morning glory muffins are really good but we needed to make sure we didn't fill the cups too much. Also we needed to cook them longer some turned out a little raw. So we placed them back in but some of them then stuck to the cups. The morning glory muffins are made using the muffin method and consist of fruit and veggies. Carrots, apples, raisins, and coconut are inside of these muffins and are very tasty. Chef said our muffins were great; no tunneling, great flavor, texture and color.

Our almond pound cake was made using the creaming method and a lot of patience. The cake takes a little while adding one egg at a time and incorporating the milk a little at a time. Our cakes were great in color, texture, taste and moisture; according to chef. We finishes everything so quickly we were able to make Apple Pies. Chef gave us the recipe and we used some of the pie shells we made the week before. The bottom shell was the mealy crust and the top was the flaky crust. We filled the pie with thinly sliced/peeled apples, cinnamon, sugar, salt and closed it up. We baked them for about an our or until the apples were tender. We did not get to eat our pie because it was so hot when we left, but I'm sure it was good! The scones were great; chef said they had great, color, texture and the taste was spot on. The only thing we really kind of rushed out of the oven were the muffins, but they still turned out really well.

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